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Dear valued customer,

You clicked the right button!

We are excited to announce that our video files recordings are now available for download. Our full package "Professional training SCIO sessions by Mona Staicu" is comprised of 10 sessions, totaling over 20 hours of learning. These sessions will explain all the programs from the SCIO system software, providing you with everything you need to fully operate the SCIO system.


Mona Staicu, your mentor, will guide you through all the operating steps and interpretation of the SCIO software programs. This course is designed for all SCIO practitioners, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level, looking to take your understanding and practice to the next level. We encourage you and other members of your company to enroll and take advantage of this course.

Please note that due to the high size of these recordings, the download link will be sent manually.

Thank you for choosing our course and we look forward to helping you achieve success with the SCIO system.


Below you will find the agenda of these amazing sessions:

Topics Session 1 Italian Language:

*Demographics screen / SOC Panel   *Calibration Overview / What Does Calibration Do? / Begin Calibration Procedure / Geopathic Stress   *Biorhythms Overview   *VARHOPE panel   *System Power Settings   *TEST MATRIX / Test Interpretation / Test Matrix Numbers   *Individual Reaction Panel (Allergic Reaction / Resonance / Total Reactance / Coherence / Rectified / Fourier Chaos Harmonic)   *Reactivity / Resonance - Theory and Practical Applications

Topics Session 2 Italian Language:

*Learn different strategies for using the main matrix (Test Matrix).   *Case study applied for better understanding.   *Shaping Function Panel - Interpretation / When and How to use it.   *“Harmonic Coupling of Two Items”   *"Hold Acute Item"   *"Hold Trays"

Topics Session 3 Italian Language:

*Steps – Practical Applications: Therapy Panels   *Auto Frequency Therapy Panel   *Scalar Auto Therapy   *Trivector Therapy   *Therapy Panel   *Hololinguistic Programming Therapy   *Individual NLP

Topics Session 4 Italian Language:

          Timed Therapy, Music, Superlearning - Operation steps

 *Piggy Backs    *Degeneration Pathway   *Blood Sugar Disorders and Diabetes Pathway   *Enhanced Superlearning    *Virtual Superlearning    *Harmonic Therapy    *Homeopathic Superimposition

 *Group Therapy

          Frequency Modulation Screen

 *Organ panel    *ECG   *EEG   *Trivector EMG Patterns   *Autonomic Nerval System   *Brain Wave panel   *Subspace Morphic Trans

Topics Session 5 Italian Language:

​​DENTAL Program:

*Individual Reaction(Resonance) Test Treating   *Dental Isodes   *Dental Nosodes   *Teeth Tables

*Dental Foci   *Teeth Chart   *Therapies   *Point Probe   *Hints Steps Dental protocols

Muscles Facial or TMJ  Panel:

*Hints Steps TMJ Panel   *TMJ Scan and Treat   *TMJ Muscle Sarcode Panel   *TMJ Therapy

Topics Session 6 Italian Language:


Treating;   Miasms;   Testing Against Specific Phases and Tissue Type;   Supportive Treatments 

Associated areas;   Lymphatics;   Specific Foci;    Specific Toxins;   Sarcodal (Tissue) Focus;  Homotoxin;   Anti-Homotoxic Therapy;   Classical Homeopathy (Hahnemann);   The Response of the Organism;   The Wholistic Perspective;   Phases of Disease and Tissue Phases

*Dark Field Analysis   *Blood - Treatment and analysis

Topics Session 7 Italian Language:

*​​Nutrition and Digestion   *Digestive dysfunction: focal areas and therapy locations   *Facilities Summaries      

*Testing: Fundamental Points / Reactivity and Resonance           

*Testing Facilities: Main Test Screen facilities / Other Test Facilities       

*Therapy Facilities           

*SCIO Nutritional and Digestive Profile: Part 1: Nutritional Intake and Stressors ; Part 2: Digestive Focal Issues ; Part 3: Diseases                                            

*The Micronutrients: Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids   *SCIO Facilities: a summary   

*Vitamins and Fatty Acids            

*Treating within the Nutrition Screen: Detox - Light detox and deep detox ; Short Sarcode ; Iridology, Body viewer and Disease Dictionary ; Biofeedback.

Topics Session 8 Italian Language:

​​*Animal testing & therapy   *Spinal - Spinal Therapy, Sarcode and Hormones   *Explanation and functionality of all Spinal buttons   *Cranio Sacral, Reflexology   *Disease Dictionary

Topics Session 9 Italian Language:

​​*Allergies   *Allergy Testing: Fundamental Points   *Working with Resonance Confirmed Reactivity

Value Interpretation and SOC Scores   *Allergies, Sensitivities, Intolerances and Irritants   *Possible Protocol Elements   *Resolution Procedures   *Testing Facilities Summary   *Therapy   *The Energetic Desentisation Program   *Desensitise from the Test Tray   *Desentise using Stimulate Reaction/Duplicate Remedy    *Desentise Using Homeopathic Activation   *Anti-aging panel

Topics Session 10 Italian Language:

​​Homeopathy-treatments remedy preparation

Homeopathic Activation Screen

    General Facilities and Functions; Therapy Routes; Scanning for Potency; Test Reaction of Remedies; Homeopathic Constitutional; Load Homeopathic Remedy List - Main Button Functions; Duplicating Remedies; Multiple Remedies

Psycho-emotional balance – NLP

    NLP Emotional Growth Entry Screen; The Entry Dialogue; Karma Dissipation; Emotional Growth Stimulation; Neuropeptide Balance; Memory Stimulate; Relaxation; Ascension Stimulate; Insight Stimulate; Neuropeptide Stimulation; Intelligence Stimulation; Higher Purpose Stimulation; Creativity Stimulation; NLP Group Therapy; Individual NLP; Brain Scan and Cancer Scan; Mental Factors and Emotion Chart; Survival Awareness Form; Unconscious Reactivity.

Full Package - IT - Professional training SCIO sessions by Mona Staicu

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