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Being a leading company in the marketing, support and education in the field of Eductor SCIO bioresonance devices, SCIO International has undertaken to incorporate the internationally recognized ISO 9001:2008 quality management standards into the work processes. We have been working to successfully complete the stages of implementation, analysis and evaluation.

We are proud to announce that all our efforts have been compensated with the achievement of ISO certification “Trading medical devices and their accessories. Maintenance and service”, granted by UNICERT, the Romanian Certification Authority.

With this prestigious certification, our clients can be assured and confident to work with a company providing quality in services that have been internationally recognized.

This certification represents our commitment to set up strategic alliances with clients and suppliers, always seeking win-win relationships to benefit our clients. It also reinforces our continual improvement process through feedback from our daily operations.


SCIO International LLC becomes the first and only supplier of Eductor SCIO bioresonance devices on the Romanian market that has a certified Quality Management System.

Quality Policy Statement

SC SCIO INTERNATIONAL LLC wants to strengthen its current reputation on the competitive market, as a provider of quality services in the field of medical devices, by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the quality management system processes.

The basic principle of SCIO INTERNATIONAL’s quality policy is customer orientation, in order to quickly identify their needs and to satisfy them.

The management of the organization is constantly concerned with maintaining, implementing and continuously improving the effectiveness of the quality management system, specific to activities that imply the use of medical devices. Thus enabling the company to provide services that comply with the norms, requirements, expectations and needs of its customers, while at the same time, respecting the applicable legislation.

Through the qualified staff at our disposal we set ourselves to make sure that all services appertaining to the client are compliant with the existing standards. The leadership at the highest level of the organization is aware that competent staff is the key and therefore ensures and maintains an optimal environment that allows each employee to showcase and develop his knowledge base, experience and personal skills in order to completely satisfy the customer requirements and expectations.

We aim to regularly encourage our employees to pursue professional development through continuous education.

The company management aims:

  • to continuously improve the management system in accordance with the SR EN ISO 13485: 2004 standard;

  • to raise the level of customer satisfaction by all means necessary;

  • to prevent soil and air pollution;

  • to optimize the consumption of natural resources (water, electricity, fuel).


The SCIO INTERNATIONAL Company, through its management representative, will ensure that the quality policy:

  • fits the purpose of the organization;

  • meets the requirements and constant improvements of the implemented management system;

  • sets objectives that are known and analyzed at appropriate management levels;

  • is known and understood within the organization.


The Quality Policy Statement has been transmitted to the entire staff and the management representative will make periodic training sessions in order to improve knowledge, compliance, application and implementation of policy and quality objectives.

The present Policy Statement is available for the general public and can be viewed by accessing:

SCIO International has been certified by UNICERT, which means that all our procedures and quality standards are guaranteed through external audits and controls

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