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Homeopathy Istanbul - Dr. Gökhan Sentürk

Dr.Gokhan Senturk, (MD) with more than 25 years of experience in the health sector within a variety of areas - including his service in surgery and intensive care units, medical management, medico marketing and training.
He graduated the course of Neuroanatomy, Neuroelectrophysiology and Biofeedback with practical applications with the SCIO device, from Victor Babes University in Romania.
He has his own clinic in Istanbul since 2007, where he uses a holistic approach of medical experience, homeopathy and SCIO Quantum Biofeedback therapy.

Address: Selcuklar Sokak No:23 Ozlem Apt. D.4, Akatlar Istanbul 34335, Turkey
Phone: +90 212 351 61 00 / +90 505 410 28 77
Email: bilgi@homeopati.com.tr
Website: www.homeopati.com.tr, www.scio.com.tr

Quantum Medicum - Dr. Igor Cetojevic

Dr. Igor Cetojevic, (MD) and acupuncturist, qualified at the Medical University of Sarajevo in 1988. He then studied Chinese Traditional Medicine at The European Center for Peace and Development in Belgrade,Yugoslavia with advanced seminars and hospital experience in Beijing, China.

Address: Odos Parthenonos 5, Ag Zoni, 3031 Limassol, Cyprus
Phone: +357 25 379 919
Email: icetojevic@gmail.com
Website: www.drigor.org


Quantum Salud – Eduard Gasset

Address: Pl. Ajuntament 2
25230 Mollerussa, Spain
Phone: +34 973 712 841
Email: quantumsalud@quantumsalud.com
Website: www.quantumsalud.com


Open Atelier,SA - J.J.Lupi, Eng, M.Sci, ND

J.J. Lupi,Engineer, and Master of Sciences from the University of Louvain in Belgium, professor and researcher in international programs of the European Union, for technology in Health and Education during the last 28 years, for integration of technology in sociological environments.

Address: Spain and Portugal
Email: info@medicalintegrative.com
Phone: +55.21.998391988 / +351 912288669
Website: www.medicalintegrative.com


Neuro Quantum LLC - J.J.Lupi, Eng, M.Sci, ND

Address: Brazil, Mexico, Macau and Hong Kong
Email: jjlupigm@gmail.com
Phone: +34 617 917 160
Website: www.institutoneuroquantum.com


Naturasan - Mona Staicu, Italy

International Representative
Email: medicinaquantistica.scioitalia@gmail.com
Phone: +39 347 13 11 535
Website: www.medicinaquantistica-scioitalia.com


Rezonans Zycia Sp. z o.o. - Helena Nieczyporenko, Poland

Address: ul.Hemara 2, 05-500 Piaseczno
Email: biuro@rezonans-zycia.pl
Phone: +48 502 523 323 / +48 503 169 030
Website: www.scio-eductor.edu.pl


Miriam Patricia Garcia - Tecnologias Bioenergeticas, Argentina

Address: Bartolome Mitre 1314 6A, CP: 1036 CABA. Argentina
Email: tecnologiasbioenergeticas@gmail.com
Phone: +54 11 43825958
Website: https://scio-internacional.com.ar/


Olsta Sports Management und Marketing GmbH – Mr. Oliver Stankovic

Address: Landwehrweg 15d 61350 Bad Homburg  v.d.H. Deutschland
Email: ostankovic@olsta.de
Phone: +49-(0)6172-301395
Website: http://www.olsta.de